Sentre Weekly Review (DEC 05 - DEC 11)

Last week, Sentre was jam-packed with the activities in Solana Vietnam Coding Camp Season 2. Here's a rundown of what we've been up to, read on to learn more!

Sentre Weekly Review (DEC 05 - DEC 11)

Wishing a happy new week to our Sentizens!

The #49 week of the year has come with many outstanding accomplishments from Sentre. Last week we focused on the Solana Vietnam Coding Camp, and as a co-organizer, Sentre is proud of what we have achieved in such a short time frame. Scroll down to celebrate with us what we have gained👇

Blog updates

The Solana Vietnam Coding Camp blog post series powered by the Sentre team has come to an end! Following each Coding Camp workshop, we will have a recording version on YouTube as well as a document for you to review in case you missed anything. To review the information, read out these two workshop documents listed below 👇

WORKSHOP 7 - Intermediate Program: NFT

Check out this blog post to learn more about:

- How to build a simple Smart Contract application

- How to build an NFT application

- How to interact with NFT data through Metaplex

Workshop 7: Solana NFT
Bài viết này sẽ cung cấp đầy đủ thông tin giúp bạn hiểu rõ hơn về khái niệm NFT và Metaplex. Bên cạnh đó hướng dẫn bạn xây dựng program tương tác với NFT.

WORKSHOP 8 - Advanced Program: Cross programs, Events,...

Check out this blog post to gain knowledge about:

- How to build advanced Smart Contract applications with Cross Program technique

- How to connect Frontend to the built program

- How to build functionality on Dapp

Workshop 8: Xây dựng chương trình nâng cao
Bài viết này với đầy đủ các thông tin giúp bạn hiểu được cơ chế và cách sử dụng Cross Program Invocation. Hiểu các adhoc về computation limit, tx size etc… và nằm rõ hơn về các kĩ thuật debug program, work around limitations. Tham khảo ngay!


Sentre at Solana Vietnam Coding Camp

Sentre appreciates the opportunity to partake in the Solana Vietnam Coding Camp. As co-hosts, we are proud of the program's success, with an average of 200 online and offline participants attending each workshop and panel. The Sentre team has been working hard to provide the best experience possible for builders participating in the program.

Check out the details 👇

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