How to buy Magic Eden NFTs on Any Arts and spin to win on Lucky Wheel

The Lucky Wheel gained over 7K spins and sent over $6K to the winners in a single opening week. Don't miss the chance to win a DeGods or an Okay Bear! Check out this blog to learn how.

How to buy Magic Eden NFTs on Any Arts and spin to win on Lucky Wheel

When purchasing Magic Eden NFTs on Any Arts, you will get tickets to try your luck with our Lucky Wheel and win amazing prizes. Want a chance at a $50,000 worth DeGods or some awesome Okay Bears? Read on below!

How to buy Magic Eden NFTs via Any Arts?

All NFTs available on Magic Eden is listed on Any Arts, so you have an enormous library to dig in. You're only 4 steps away from getting your favorite Solana NFTs. Let's start!

Step 1: Install

Click here to install and open Any Arts.

Step 2: Choose your NFT collection

You can find your favorite NFT collection by:

  • Browsing our Recent, Hot, and Viewed list
  • Using the search box on the right

Select your desired collection and proceed!

Step 3: You want it? You buy it!

You'll see all available NFTs on the market from the chosen collection with its price in SOL. Select your new PFP and click on the "Buy" button!

Step 4: Choose your payment token

Any Arts allows payment made with any of the following tokens and stable-coins:

  • SOL
  • USDC
  • USDT
  • USDH
  • UXD
  • And more to come!

You'll also see an estimated price conversion upon choosing your payment token. Once you're satisfied, click "Buy Now". The NFT is now safe in your wallet!

After purchasing your NFT, you will see a window shown up below:

Now you got the ticket; it's time to test your luck. Click "Spin Now!" to access Lucky Wheel!

Step 1: Go to the Lucky Wheel dashboard

To have Lucky Wheel installed on your SenHub dashboard, click the button below:

Step 2: Start to Spin!

Click on "SPIN x1" to spin once, or "SPIN x10" for a quick multi-spin. Now the wheel will start rolling, and you will see what prize you've won when it ends!

To track your prizes, switch to the "Reward" tab. If you encountered any error while claiming your prizes, you could reclaim them in the Reward tab!

Change to the "Challenge" tab, and you will see your total spins. When this number reaches certain milestones, you earn extra rewards! For example, if you reach ten spins, you will get 900 SNTR + 1 Ticket.

For reward percentages, click on the marked button to see your chance to win.

The window will appear as shown below. The percentages where the bonuses can appear are listed below.

The window of chance is always open for you. Don't hesitate and spin now!

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