Sen Store version 4.0 is live with 4 brand-new features

We are thrilled to upgrade to the newest version of Sen Store - Version 4.0. This update includes brand-new trendy features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Read on to learn more!

Sen Store version 4.0 is live with 4 brand-new features

Sen Store V4 is on its way!

Version 4 has been updated with a new UI/UX design. Compared to the previous version, the main website now features a new UI layout with a cleaner and slicker design. Our developers have worked tirelessly to ensure that this new update provides the best possible experience for our Sentizens. Here are some of the new features:

New menu bar on the side

This version now moves the menu bar from the top to the side. We believe this will make it much easier for you to use our Sen Store. You can customize your menu bar to fit your needs by clicking on the "Application Settings" button in the top-right corner of the screen. This change is just one of many we have made to deliver you a more convenient experience at Sen Store.

Application Settings

Like the old version, you can re-order your DApp based on your hobby, but now you can forget about the drop & drag action. Now on Sen Store ver 4, you just need to click on the three-dot button to Open or Uninstall your DApp.


The notifications system will be released soon. This new system is designed to help you earn more from our Sen Store. Stay tuned and keep following us to learn more about this upcoming release!

New private account setting

To check your account setting, simply click on the avatar and wallet address at the bottom of the menu bar, as marked below.

Then a window will show up below.

In the settings part, besides the Dark mode, Developer mode, and Sandbox, there are two more buttons:

  • Push notifications: Coming-soon
  • The sidebar on the right: The new settings button in the menu bar is a great way to save space on your screen and is also really easy to use. To turn it on, click the button, and the menu bar will move to the right side of the screen.

NFT PFPs on Sen Store, check!

We have just updated our avatar system, and now your avatar will be randomly picked with the NFTs available in your wallet. If you're holding your favorite PFPs in your bag, this is your chance to show them out!

Name service, check!

This is a great way to stand out from the crowd!

Purchase your Bonfida name right from Sen Store and represent yourself instead of the average long-character wallet address. The name will be shown below your wallet address.

Experience our newest version right away!

We hope you enjoy the Sen Store version 4.0 new update.

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