Sen Booster — An All-new Feature For Optimized Profit

Sen Booster — An All-new Feature For Optimized Profit

With the recent release of Sentre Version 2.0, all eyes are focused on our Ecosystem. Only a day after V2 went live, $SNTR reached the $1,000,000 mark for its 24h trading volume. This is solid proof that our efforts to raise protection and security levels for our Sentizens paid off.

Other than shaking off the weak hands and bringing you a better experience, the team also brought new exciting features to Sentre V2.0. Among them, Sen Booster is built to be a free, safe and secure way to multiply profit for investors.

What is Sen Booster?

Sen Booster is a new feature in Sen LP, which allows you to sell your LPT for SNTR at a lower price than market offers. By selecting a vesting term from 7 to 90 days, you get an extra $SNTR bonus.

Why use Sen Booster?

What makes Sen Booster more attractive than other investment options? The answers are:

  • Zero fees
  • Zero slippage
  • High Boost rewards = High profit

During the same amount of time, the Boost rewards you get out of Sen Booster can be much larger than Yield Farming or Staking. However, note that you’re actually selling your LPTs away with Sen Booster, instead of simply staking (and unstaking if you want) when using Sen Farming.

How to use Sen Booster?

To use Sen Booster, you must first own LPTs. Get your share by depositing liquidity to one of Sentre’s pools in Sen LP.

Then, look at the bottom right widget on Sen LP — that is Sen Booster.

Now, you can enter your desired amount of LPTs and choose your Lock time. When you’re done, press Buy SNTR. A confirmation window will appear.

Here, you can see how much SNTR you can make out of your LPTs after the chosen locked time. If you’re satisfied with the projected outcome, press Confirm.

Needless to say, the longer you lock, the more you earn. After the locked period, you can go back to Sen Booster, switch to the Redeem tab, and get your pile of $SNTR.

The whole process is risk-free with no fees charged, no slippage, fast and secure. After redeeming your $SNTR, you can either sell to the market, stake in our farms or boost again to get even more profit!

Can I use Sen Booster now?

The first Booster will be available on Sen LP, this January 21st. Head over to Sen LP now to get your LPTs and prepare for a profit Boost!

A Boost for both

Sen Booster brings mutual benefits to the table.

Through Sen Booster, you get to buy $SNTR at a lower cost, while we get to build our protocol-owned liquidity.

The idea of protocol-owned liquidity is that: While you sell LPT for SNTR with a bonus, we get your offered liquidity to fund for our pools. With this approach, Sentre is opening a new door to a higher liquidity environment that benefits everyone.

For the community, Sen Booster is a new, promising chance to invest with juicy profit. It serves as another option to provide liquidity for different investment strategies.

For Sentre, Sen Booster helps us accumulate more liquidity and increase our TVL. $SNTR also gains another use case.

About Sentre Protocol

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