Spin and Win DeGods and Okay Bear via Lucky Wheel on Any Arts

With Any Arts, you can explore and buy the NFTs with 0 SOL – and even win super prizes like DeGods or Okay Bear FOR FREE with our Lucky Wheel! Read this blog to know how.

Spin and Win DeGods and Okay Bear via Lucky Wheel on Any Arts

We're excited to announce that Any Arts has been updated and upgraded! We've always prioritized providing value and utility to our Sentizens, so we put these words into action by adding some new features. Here's what's new:

Lucky Wheel - Any Arts user gratitude program

The most exciting feature of this update is our new lucky wheel! You will get a ticket to spin for various prizes every time you purchase an NFT on Any Arts. You could win many attractive awards, including:

  • DeGods NFT
  • Okay Bears NFT
  • USDC
  • SNTR
  • Extra tickets

Here's how it works: spin the wheel and see what prize you've won! It's that easy!

To track your prizes, switch to the "Reward" tab. If you encountered any error while claiming your prizes before, you can reclaim them in the Reward tab!                                                ‌

Change to the "Challenge" tab, and you will see your total spins. When this number reaches certain milestones, you earn extra rewards! For example, if you reach 10 spins, you will get 0.9k SNTR + 1 Ticket.

So what are you waiting for? You could get anything from SNTR/ USDC to a 50,000 USD worth DeGods NFT. So keep spinning to win them all!

Purchase an NFT today and try your luck with the Lucky Wheel:

Any Arts - New Feature Update

Realtime Hot NFTs

This new feature lets you stay up-to-date with ground-breaking NFT collections in real-time. Now you can access smoking-hot NFT collections within one click!

Floor price & Volume

The new "Floor price & Volume" feature on Any Arts will give users an insight into the performance of different NFTs over time and the overall market trends. This will give users more information about the NFTs they are interested in and help them make better-informed decisions regarding investing in NFTs.‌‌‌

Buy & Sell NFTs

Any Arts has always been at the forefront of satisfying our users, and this latest move will cement its position as one of the platforms for buying and selling NFTs. If you want to get involved in the exciting world of NFTs, check out Any Arts!

Switch on the "My NFTs" tab, and you can see your NFT with the "Sell" button.‌

To learn more clearly about how to sell an NFT, you can watch the tutorial below:

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