Lightning Tunnel Version 2.0 Is Live With New Vesting Feature

Vesting can’t be easier with the new feature on our version 2. Read on to learn more!

Lightning Tunnel Version 2.0 Is Live With New Vesting Feature

Another feature for the projects has arrived - it’s the Vesting feature on Lightning Tunnel! Setting a vesting schedule for your team, investors, and media partners has never been so convenient.

New Dashboard

Never miss another airdrop again! On the new Dashboard, the total balance, distribution, and received information are visible at first glance. Scrolling down, you can see your Airdrop and Vesting receive history.

On the Vesting receive tab, click on the (+) sign to see details about each vesting campaign you participated in.

The vesting campaigns ready to be claimed will be on top, followed by upcoming ones with a “waiting” status.

Take a look at the new Vesting screen below:

  • Total vesting: The total amount of money you spent to create all vesting campaigns
  • Total campaign: The number of campaigns you created
  • Total recipients: The total number of vesting recipients
  • Airdrop allocation: Percentage of tokens used during the airdrop

The history tab: show all the vesting you have created.

  • Use the Share button to have a redeem link emailed to the user.
  • When you create a vesting schedule with an expiration time, a revoke button will appear if users haven’t withdrawn their money after the expiration time.

Notes: Each transaction's history is saved only on the device where the transaction was made. If you save it in the browser's cache, the created date will be lost if you clear the cache or view it on another device.

Start vesting on Lightning Tunnel!

Vesting on Lightning Tunnel enables you to set up a multi-day token transfer campaign.

Simply concentrate on your objectives while leaving transaction fees out of your mind. Lightning Tunnel allows you to create a campaign and transfer money to users by date with fees less than $1!

Lightning Tunnel will help you lower costs; don't hesitate to try it out.

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