Welcome to Sen Store - The DApp Store For All Things Solana

Sen Store – The DApp Store for All Things Solana! This is where you can explore and use new and reliable DApps, earn a hefty profits, discuss and govern with other stakeholders, everything in one single platform.

Welcome to Sen Store - The DApp Store For All Things Solana

Numerous decentralization apps (DApp) emerged in the early days of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), attracting massive liquidity from the community. However, the DeFi environment was quite tumultuous because these DApp were built separately, with poor interfaces and limited connectivity to other services. Sen team created Sentre to address this issue by gathering liquidity from various sources and establishing an open space to give back to the community.

What is Sen Store?

Sen Store is a platform that connects all DeFi DApp and provides users with a seamless experience on Solana.

Sentre is a next-generation Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that connects all DeFi DApp and provides users with a seamless experience. With Sentre, you can easily access the best Decentralized Applications (DApp), which offer a complete solution for developers, users, and businesses interested in creating or utilizing decentralized applications. We believe that the future of finance lies in decentralization, so we're building a one-stop store for all your DeFi needs on the Solana chain.

What on Sen Store?

Our store has everything you need to get started on Solan, from GameFi to Utilities and Liquidity DApp. We take pride in being a suitable platform for DApp development and deployment, and our team is always available to help you get started on our Sen Store. Let’s take a quick look at what DApp we have now on Sen Store.


  • Any Arts: Help you buy Solana NFT with 0 SOL. Explore here (button): https://academy.sentre.io/any-arts-nft-aggregator-solana/
  • Bulk Sender:  allows you to send tokens to numerous persons at once
  • IDL Parser: Very simple IDL (Interface Definition Language) parser. This parses IDL files and outputs intermediate class objects.
  • Lightning Tunnel: A super fast bulk transfer tool for your airdrop and vesting campaign; for more information about Lightning Tunnel and how to use it, read here.
  • Sen Assets: Feel annoyed to withdraw SOL from Binance for transaction fees on Solana? This app will let you exchange SPL tokens for SOL without transaction fees.


  • Balansol: Balancer Pool Model on Solana
  • Hedge: Hedge is a lending protocol built on Solana. With Hedge, users can access 0% interest loans by depositing collateral for stablecoin USH.
  • Lido: Liquidity for staked assets. Lido allows users to stake their assets for daily staking rewards and mint-staked tokens across the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Saros: Saros is a decentralized and permissionless platform to swap, stake, and invest with a low-cost, high-efficiency and ultimate experience.
  • Sen Booster: allows you to sell your LPT for SNTR at a lower price than the market offers. Click here for more details.
  • Sen Farming: Sen Farming allows you to make informed decisions; keeping track of your funds is critical, and take advantage of it. Sen Farming V2 has been updated and upgraded with new and exciting features; read on to learn more at https://academy.sentre.io/sen-farming-v2/.
  • Solend: Solana's autonomous interest rate machine for lending.
  • Sypool: Synthetic Asset Pools Managemen with tokenization, profession, quant fund, and “Bi-token" system.
  • Zeta Market: a Solana Options Trading Platform allows users to properly hedge risk against crypto market volatility and events.


  • InterDAO: InterDAO is a customizable DAO tool on Sentre that helps create and manage your own DAO easily. Read more here to learn more about InterDAO and how to use it!


  • Aurory: a gaming platform based on play-to-ear.
  • DeFi Land: a multi-chain agriculture-simulation game created to gamify Decentralized Finance.
  • Mini Royale: a web browser game with battle royale game mode. The game comes with 3D graphics and unique style.

What can you do on Sen Store?

Our main core provides users and partners with a variety of features to assist them in finding the best products and services for their needs.


Switching between multiple DApps everyday can be time-consuming and costly. With Sen Store, you can forget about these problems! Our platform provides users with a one-stop experience:

  • All-in-one platform: Play games, earn tokens, buy NFTs, trade with lower fees, farm and stake for high profit, join your favorite DAOs, and more!
  • Manage your space: Install and organize your DApps for quick access.
  • One-time wallet connects: Connect your wallet once to use all DApps on Sen Store.
  • Review and vote to list DApp: Bring your favorite DApps on the Store! All you have to do is vote, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Whether you’re a solo player or a team of builders, Sen Store is the perfect place to get started!

  • Build your DApp at 5x speed with our Senhub resources
  • Access available liquidity on the platform right at your fingertip
  • Reach a quality community of active users who would give constant and valuable feedback to your project
  • Learn and earn with our annual Coding Camps and Hackerhouses

About Sentre Protocol

Sentre Protocol is a DApp Store for All Things Solana where:

  • Users can install and use their favorite DApps on a single platform;
  • Developers and partners can deliver their DApps through Sen Store, fully use available resources and contribute to the platform with no restriction.

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