Meet Balansol - Your Balancer Pool Model on Solana

Balansol is the Balancer pool model on Solana. Learn more on how it helps bootstrap liquidity, create index fund and portfolio through this blog.

Meet Balansol - Your Balancer Pool Model on Solana

Balansol is the upgraded version of the OG Balancer pool model that works on Solana. It provides a one-stop solution to launch up to 8 types of tokens with limited funds while bringing a good boding curve.

Balansol is intended to be Solana's most user-friendly pool model and is already live on Senhub.

The Features

Balansol on Solana is similar to Balancer on Ethereum, a super flexible protocol for token swaps. The DApp comes with various useful features:

  • Choose up to 8 types of tokens: Pool owners can now choose maximum 8 types of tokens to create various pools that fit their intention!
  • Customize the token weights: Balansol also allows changing the weights of all tokens. This means you can create asymmetric pools that later can act as a liquidity bootstrapping model!
  • Decide how much profit to share: Pool owners can change the LP reward rate, as well as the platform fee. You choose how much profit to give back to the community and the platform!

The Use Cases

Index Fund pools

By allowing up to 8 types of tokens in the same pool, the power of Balansol is endless!

Imagine providing liquidity to these pools is the same as buying shares of an index fund. Here's an example of how you can create a stable pool for investors:

Another idea is to create a pegged portfolio:

Better yet, you can change the weights of these tokens!

What if we create a pool of only blue-chip GameFi tokens for the investors? A pool of top-of-the-market NFT tokens? There are endless possibilities for pool owners to explore with Balansol here.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBP)

A liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) is a type of Smart Pool on Balancer that allows changing the proportion of tokens in the pool according to a predetermined period. The liquidity in the pool will be much greater than normal LP at the end of the token sale. With LBP, the project requires little initial capital to create liquidity.

Let's assume we want to create a liquidity pool for our SNTR token with 1,000,000 USDC, and the SNTR token value is $1/SNTR.

With normal Liquidity Pool

  • Normal LP's token ratio is always 50%-50%, which means the project must contribute 1 SNTR token equal to 1 million USDC or 1,000,000 SNTR tokens at a $1 price.
  • The SNTR-USDC Pool will have total liquidity of $2 million.

With LBP

  • The token price remains $1, and the amount of USDC remains one million. However, the pool rate is now 80%-20% rather than 50%-50%.
  • The number of SNTR tokens that contributed to the initial pool has been increased to 4,000,000 SNTR. Pool's total liquidity is also $5 million. In other words, the liquidity of the SNTR token is four times greater.

With the LBP model, the amount of liquidity to be bootstrapped can be 5x compared to other Smart Pools! As liquidity is the spine of all Web3 projects, the LBP model brings excellent value to all newly launched DApps looking for ways to raise funds from the community.

Build the ecosystem of your dream. Gather your favorite top tokens and make index funds for your users. Create perfect launchpads for your project while keeping bots away. Start exploring Balansol now!

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