How to farm on Sen Farming V2 - The full instructive guide

Sen Farming V2 allows users to earn rewards on their LP tokens, maximizing their profits while providing liquidity to their favored token pairs! Check out this article to learn how to farm on Sen Farming V2!

How to farm on Sen Farming V2 - The full instructive guide

This blog will walk you through the process of farming on Sen Farming V2.

How to stake LPs on Sen Farming V2

Step 1. Install

Click on the button below to auto-install Sen Farming on your Sentre dashboard and start staking!

Or go to Sen Store, find Sen Farming V2, and click “Install”.

Step 2. Choose your pool to farm

In our case, the farm chosen is SNTR x USDC

Click on the pool. A window will appear as shown below:

Step 3. Start staking!

On the right side of the screen, you will see the Stake/Unstake card.

Enter the amount of LPs you want to stake, or click on “MAX” to auto-fill the highest number of LPs you own.

Once you entered the LP amount, click “Stake”. And that’s it!

The more $SNTR and $USDC you stake, the higher the rewards will be. Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn massive returns on your investment!

Boost by NFT in Sen Farming V2

The NFTs you gain from the contest can be used to boost the liquidity on Sen Farming V2. Check out the direction below to learn how to take it into action.

First of all, open Sen Farming V2:

On the main dashboard of Sen Farming V2,  find pools with a "Boost" button. Only the pool owner can set up this function when they first create the pool!

The Stake/Unstake box can be found on the right side of the screen.

You must now enter the number of LPs you want to stake.

P/S: Click "MAX" to have the highest number of LPs in your wallet automatically filled in!

To know which collection can be used to boost in this pool, click the "i" button.

In our case, the collection is called Sentre, and one NFT is equivalent to 25% boost!

Select the NFT that corresponds to the pool's condition and start to boost up.

You can now check for your total deposit:

  • Staked LP: The amount of LP tokens that you have staked before
  • LP Amount: The amount of current LP you have filled to stake
  • Total Boost rate: The boost rate depend on the NFTs you lock
  • Total: Your total LP  (Stake LP + LP amount + Boosted LP) after you click "Stake"

Click on the "Stake" button when you are done.

Your locked NFTs will be shown at the bottom and can be Unstake any time you want.

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