How To List Your DApp on Sentre: A Super Instructive Guide

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller. This is why we'd like to invite you to accompany us on our voyage to the moon. This guide will cover all the information you need to launch your DApp on our Senhub and enjoy our partnership benefits!

How To List Your DApp on Sentre: A Super Instructive Guide

Follow the steps below to start your integration.

How to integrate DApp on Senhub?

Step 1: Incorporate Sentre Connector into your DApp

Do this first before proceeding! This allows your DApp to connect with Senhub wallets.

Go to this link:

Start Installing:

npm i @sentre/connector

yarn add @sentre/connector

This code is used with @solana/wallet-adapter (Solana Wallet Adapter)

import {
} from '@solana/wallet-adapter-wallets'
import { SentreWalletAdapter } from '@sentre/connector'

// Add SentreWalletAdapter with your provided app id to @solana/wallet-adapter
// Example:

const appId = 'my-app-id'
const wallets = [
  new SentreWalletAdapter({ appId }),
  new PhantomWalletAdapter(),
  new SlopeWalletAdapter(),
  // Other wallets

Manual integration: This code is customized to support others wallet integration

import { WalletConnector } from '@sentre/connector'

const wallet = new WalletConnector('my-app-id')
const isConnected = await wallet.isConnected()
if (isConnected) {
  // Get the address
  const address = await wallet.getAddress()
  // Sign a transaction
  const signedTransaction = await wallet.signTransaction(transaction)
  // Sign multiple transactions
  const signedTransactions = await wallet.signAllTransactions(transactions)
  // Sign a message
  const { signature, address, message } = await wallet.signMessage(
    'the message needs to be signed',

Step 2: Test your DApp locally by Senhub Connector Tester.

Fill these out:

  • Your AppID to the box “my-app-id”
  • Your website address to the box “test”

Step 3: Ping us to finish the integration.

The rest is now on us - You only need to sit back and relax!

Start integrating now!

Now that you know how to install your DApp on Sentre, let’s add your name to the list of our (currently 20+) AMAZING partners! Join the Sentre Ecosystem with Solana big players - Solend, Zeta Markets, DeFi Land, and so on!

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