Create a “Truly Decentralized” DAO with InterDAO

Centralization is a significant issue in the DAO scene. Too much power is concentrated in too few hands. InterDAO arose as a decentralizing power for everyone to have a say in how the DAO operates. Check out this blog post to learn more about InterDAO!

Create a “Truly Decentralized” DAO with InterDAO

There is a lot of talk about decentralization these days, but what does it mean? For DAOs or Decentralized Organizations, it means having a system in place that is truly transparent and accessible for both the project and its community. Today, most DAOs are not fully decentralized since the decision-making process is not yet automated. This means that there is still some centralization involved in DAO operations. Consequently, InterDAO was born to tackle this issue; scroll down to redefine what is truly decentralized.

Decentralization in DAO

Most DAOs have a degree of both centralization and decentralization. For example, the DAO owner creates a proposal-member vote to make the decision but the final step to put it into action belongs to the DAO owner or board of management. In fact, the decentralized here is no different from any other organization where a centralized authority makes final decisions.

For example, suppose the proposal is to donate $1,000 to charity; if the vote is yes, a specific person will deliver the funds to the charity organization. The final action will depend on one or some particular people, which may cause a delay because the person who accepts responsibility has a problem and cannot handle it anymore. That's where InterDAO comes in.

InterDAO provide you

InterDAO is the go-to option for an admin system that is truly transparent and accessible for both the project and its community. With InterDAO, all decisions are made by the community, not by a central authority. This makes it more accountable and responsive to the needs of the people it serves. What's more, InterDAO is open source, so anyone can audit and improve upon it.

Autonomous Regime in InterDAO

The Autonomous regime in interDAO is a system where the community can create and execute proposals.

With this new system, there is no need for a central authority to make decisions on behalf of the community. Instead, the community can vote on proposals and have them executed automatically. This makes the process more efficient and allows for more transparency and accountability.

Back to the charity example, with Autonomous mode, there is no need for anyone to take action after the proposal is completed, and $1000 will be automatically deposited into the charity's wallet as soon as the proposal result is available. This will saves time and eliminate Majeure situations.

As mentioned, this regime will automatically take action when the proposal ends, making it more decentralized than the current DAO model. For more detailed information about InterDAO, the Autonomous regime, and how to use InterDAO to launch your DAO, create a proposal on your DAO. Check out this blog post below:

InterDAO - Your Customizable DAO Tooling
It’s time to redefine what “True Decentralization” is for DAOs. InterDAO is the go-to option for an admin system that is truly transparent and accessible for both the project and its community. Learn what InerDAO offers and how to start using it in this blog!

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