Buy Your Favorite Solana NFT for Zero SOL with Any Arts

“If you want to purchase a Solana NFT, you must have SOL in your wallet”. Is this statement still true? What if you have no SOL but still want to buy yourself a cool PFP? This article will cover everything you need to know about how to buy Solana NFT with 0 SOL on Any Arts.

Buy Your Favorite Solana NFT for Zero SOL with Any Arts

According to Glimpse - Google Trends Supercharged, interest in NFT Trading has increased 500 percent in the last year, with a volume of 1oK searches per month. NFTs on the Solana chain have also grown in popularity, attracting the attention of investors worldwide. Many notable collections, such as Degod, Cets on Creck, and Primates, monopolize the Solana NFTs market.

To jump on the hype train, the prerequisite you need is SOL. But what if you have none and don't want to bother buying from CEX or DEX?

Buy Solana NFTs with no SOL - the HARD way

Usually, If you want to acquire an NFT on a specific blockchain, you have to own said blockchain's main token. While it is possible to purchase an NFT on Solana using currencies other than SOL, several restrictions exist.

To do this, you normally must find an exchange that accepts the tokens you intend to use. Since not all marketplaces accept all tokens, your selections will be limited, and you still have to pay the network fee in SOL.

For example, if you are an ETH player but want to invest in some Solana NFTs, here's the painfully long journey you have to go through:

  1. Withdraw some SOL from Binance or FTX to pay the network fee.
  2. Swap your coin to SOL.
  3. Buy NFTs on MagicEden or other NFT marketplace on Solana.

Any Arts - Your FAST & EASY way to buy Solana NFTs with no SOL

Forget about all the steps above, Any Arts is here to help!

Any Arts by Sentre is an NFT Aggregator on top of Magic Eden - the top NFT marketplace on Solana, which allows users to:

  1. Buy all NFTs available on Magic Eden right on Sentre.
  2. Buy NFTs with no SOL. We offer a wide range of stablecoins!

How to use Any Arts?

On how to buy a NFT on Magic Eden via Any Arts, check out this blog below:

How to buy Magic Eden NFTs on Any Arts and spin to win on Lucky Wheel
The Lucky Wheel gained over 7K spins and sent over $6K to the winners in a single opening week. Don’t miss the chance to win a DeGods or an Okay Bear! Check out this blog to learn how.

We have released Lucky Wheel - a loyalty program for Any Arts users.

Currently, the program has awarded more than 6K dollars to the winning user. We are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our Sentizens, and we can't wait to see how much you can win! Don't hesitate, Degods and Okay Bears are waiting for you!!! LFG!

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